Screen Protector

Bubble Free and Easy to Apply

UZBL screen protectors are made for applying onto hundreds of iPads in a short amount of time.

These easy to apply screen protectors never require you to smooth out the bubbles. They adhere to the border of the screen with a very low-tact "Gecko-like" adhesion. Removing the screen protector is also effortless and it can be reapplied again and again.

The UZBL screen protectors also provide superior clarity, an anti-glare surface and great durability.


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Apply Hundreds...Easily

The UZBL BubbleFree screen protector just lays on the surface of the iPad. The tacky edge holds it in place, but releases easily for easy adjustments. It's effortless to remove, clean and reapply if needed.

Goes Well with AirWave or Ekto+ Case

The AirWave and Ekto+ cases can be applied over the BubbleFree screen protector and will keep it securely in place.

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