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San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) selects Uzibull to supply 25,000 iPad cases

San Diego, Ca, October 22, 2012 – Currently in it's third year of a five year plan, San Diego Unified is in the midst of an initiative to upgrade its technology infrastructure and enhance their learning environment. Funded by proposition S, the i21 program is expected to ultimately save the district over $35 million. There are about 120,000 students in the district and the fifth and seventh graders will be assigned iPad 2s with thick silicone cases provided by Uzibull. “Working with Darryl and the folks at you San Diego unified was great, and it didn't hurt that they were interested in 25,000 iPad cases," explains Joe Pearce, founder of Uzibull. "They are on the leading edge of mass iPad deployment, security and tracking. We worked with them to modify our existing case design so that they could have easy access to asset tags.” adds Joe Pearce. This feedback led to a whole new version of Uzibull's top-selling iPad case, now called Ekto+.

SDUSD also uses Bretford carts which allow 34 iPads to be charged, synched, security locked, and then transported between classrooms. "Even with the added cushion that our cases provide, they still fit in the narrow slots of the Bretford carts" adds Joe Pearce. Uzibull's Ekto+ case contains airy cells on the inside that provide shock absorbency and drop protection, yet it still maintains a lightweight and relatively thin 3/4” thickness. This allows the Ekto+ case to be compatible with top-selling sync and charge carts such as Bretford, Anthro, and Datamation.

As schools across the country put iPads into kids' hands, breakage has become a top concern. CNET estimates that 10% of iPads are broken simply because they are dropped. There is a wide range of cases that schools use to protect, carry, and prop up their iPads. Uzibull chooses to wrap the iPad with a heavy duty silicone rubber that is well-formed to handle the abuse from students in demanding school environments.

About UZBL

Founded in 2010 and located in Newport Coast, Ca, UZBL created the first iPad case for kids. The company's products are now found in schools across the country protecting and cushioning iPads and iPad 2's. Seeking constant feedback from educators and parents, UZBL aims to have a range of products that make the iPad even more usable and versatile in school and home settings. More info on UZBL can be found at

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"The case provides an amazing amount of drop protection—more than any I have tested or seen to date. Uzibull has video footage of the Ekto 2 being dropped that illustrates how durable the case really is—it survives a tumble down a flight of stairs, a facedown drop on concrete, and actually bounces after being dropped on a hardwood floor."
- Rob Renk,

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"really creates a unique feel and experience while driving (on your iPad)" "feels great in the hand" "[when gaming] it feels so much better than holding the naked iPad"
- Larry Greenberg,