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Protect and Connect the iPad 2 almost anywhere with the FLEX Kit by UZBL

Newport Coast, Ca, January 19, 2012 - With over 140,000 apps the iPad 2 has many uses. UZBL has developed a kit that allows you to accessorize the iPad 2 to make it more easily usable in any setting, they call it “FLEX for iPad 2”. The FLEX kit includes a snap-on handstrap to comfortably hold your iPad 2, a shoulder strap to carry it, and a snap-on rotating pivot with a 1/4” tripod thread that can be screwed onto any camera mount or accessory. The FLEX is compatible with a range of accessories and allows the iPad 2 user to stick, clamp, wrap, hang, or prop the iPad 2 almost anyplace imaginable. A nicely styled silicone skin adds the finishing touch and protects the iPad 2 if dropped.

The FLEX kit began as a protective cover with integrated ribs cells to provide shock absorbancy to protect the iPad in rugged settings such as schools. Feedback from parents and educators lead UZBL to integrate additional features and attachments to prevent the drops and to allow the iPad to be comfortable to hold and manuever. UZBL took this a step further, by adding a tripod thread to an included attachment. The tripod thread opens up the FLEX kit to a universal array of mounts and pods already being used with millions of cameras and video recorders.

The FLEX kit consists of five components:

1) The FLEX frame that clips onto the iPad 2 and features strap loops and a center ring for snap-in and quick release removal of accessories

2) A snap-in rotating pivot with a 1/4” tripod thread

3) A protective skin with “Air Cells” and ribs to cushion drops up to 6 ft

4) A velcro hand strap

5) An adjustable carrying strap with shoulder pad

The FLEX frame and pivot are made from a hard polycarbonate plastic. The frame fits snugly under the silicone cover and the pivot snaps securely in or out of the whole assembly. Two very useful camera accessories that work well with the FLEX kit are a flexible suction monopod for propping the iPad 2 at any angle and a large flexible tripod that can be wrapped or clung most anywhere. These pods are available separately. More info on the FLEX is available at

For a very limited time the FLEX kit can be pre-ordered at Kickstarter at a big discount to the proposed retail price of $59. Several pledge tiers are offering additional incentives such as free accessories. The Kickstarter page is

About UZBL

Founded in 201o and located in Newport Coast, Ca, UZBL created the first iPad case for kids. The company's products are now found in schools across the country protecting and cushioning iPads and iPad 2's. Seeking constant feedback from educators and parents, UZBL aims to have a range of products that make the iPad even more usable and versatile in school and home settings. More info on UZBL can be found at



Uzibull Debuts Ektopad F1 - First in the Series of Accessory Covers for iPad

September, 2010 – The designers at Uzibull, Inc., announced today that they have launched a new iPad cover for gaming enthusiasts and consumers called Ektopad F1 and are seeking channel partners to resell the product line.

Ektopad F1 is the only iPad cover on the market with features dedicated to gaming buffs that want an ultimate feel from their gaming experience. The new iPad gaming cover offers side grips modeled after a Formula One race car steering wheel for advanced control. Gamers using Ektopad F1 while riding, driving or flying will now have a whole new feel when gaming on the iPad.

Ektopad F1 is a soft and flexible cover made from quality silicon, making it lightweight and ideal for all types of environments. The case acts as a protective cover for iPad providing users with unparalleled safety for their device and complementing the great style of the iPad.

Design features include its aesthetic look for the active, on-the-go iPad user. Ektopad F1 has stylish layers of silicon that compress and expand allowing for the cover to never lose elasticity.

The Ektopad F1 is a fun and innovative step in cover design. Uzibull developers strategically placed strap loops on the sides of the case allowing for both easy access to the on/off button and speaker outlets, and the ability to attach your iPad securely to various places. The included woven elastic strap makes Ektopad F1 ideal for attaching to a headrest for the backseat crew to watch videos, airplane seatbacks and even gym treadmills. Ektopad F1 retails for $39.95 in modish packaging and the company is currently seeking channel partners.

About the company
Uzibull, LLC., is located in Hawaii and has offices in southern California. It is made up of a successful and talented team with over 20 years of industry experience. The company is dedicated to producing functional, innovative high protection covers for the iPad and tablet PCs.  If you are interested in becoming a reseller you can contact

Joe Pearce at 714-814-1741. To find out more about the company or products Email: On the web at

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"I had two preteens and one of my buddies also take it for a test drive as well. We used the “Real Racing GTI” game from the app store. I also used my “Pacific Defense” game with it and I really think this case helped with the gaming experience. They all loved it. (I actually found a few other games now that I am going to have to buy to use with this."
- Louis Senecal,

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"really creates a unique feel and experience while driving (on your iPad)" "feels great in the hand" "[when gaming] it feels so much better than holding the naked iPad"
- Larry Greenberg,